Bitcoin Magazine Historic Covers

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Bitcoin Magazine Historic Covers is a collection of 1/1 inscriptions celebrating the history of Bitcoin and our magazine. Learn more.
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All winning bids will also receive a complimentary physical copy of their respective Bitcoin Magazine print issue. Must provide email address when purchasing.
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Frequently asked questions about the auction and our collection.

What is Bitcoin Magazine Historic Covers?

Bitcoin Magazine Historic Covers is a limited edition, unique collection of 1/1 inscriptions representing the first 23 covers of the world's first and most renowned magazine about Bitcoin.

From 2012 until Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary in 2019, these 23 issues followed along the history of Bitcoin through the lens of those who shaped it.

This collection marks not only the starting point of Bitcoin Magazine’s roadmap in the world of Ordinals, but plays homage to the one-of-a-kind history and scarcity that these magazines carry.

When is the collection being launched?

Bitcoin Magazine Historic Covers will be available in an open, trust-minimized Dutch auction starting on Bitcoin block height 785530 785555, or Saturday, April 15 at approximately 12:00 p.m. ET.

The best way to follow the auction live is to join the official Bitcoin Magazine Discord Server.

How will the auction work?

A Dutch auction is a type of auction in which the price of the item starts at a ceiling and is gradually lowered until a bidder acquires the item. This model ensures fair and open participation and enables optimal price discovery on a first-come, first-served basis.

Our auction is trust-minimized in the sense that the payment and inscription release flow rely on PSBTs, a native Bitcoin protocol feature. This removes the need for full trust in Bitcoin Magazine to deliver the inscription to the buyer after the payment is received. Learn more about PSBTs here.

Here are the auction details:

• All covers will be auctioned in parallel, with a ceiling price of 10 BTC.
• Upon every new Bitcoin block being added to the blockchain, the price will be decreased, increasing the competition for the unique covers.
• The first bidder to place a successful bid on a given cover takes the item.
• The auction will last a maximum of 32 Bitcoin blocks until the covers are purchased, with a resting floor of 0.2 BTC. However, since it is a Dutch auction rather than a traditional auction, it could end well before that maximum.

Why is the starting price so high?

The starting price in a Dutch auction is actually the maximum price and differs from the starting bid that acts as a floor in traditional auctions.

Bitcoin Magazine is not setting the price or value of these inscriptions. We are determining the ceiling price to start the auction (10 BTC each in this case), which will subsequently be lowered at every Bitcoin block until a bidder pulls the trigger.

This descending-price function allows the market to openly and freely determine the value of our collection on a first-come, first-served basis. When a successful bid is placed, the item is sold!

What wallets are compatible with this auction?

We recommend using Sparrow for the ultimate level of control and customization, but you can also use popular Ordinal browser wallets Xverse or Hiro.

How do I set up a Sparrow Wallet for Ordinals?

Sparrow provides the highest degree of control and customization to your needs, and as such warrants a great deal of care to be set up right.

Below is a guide for setting up a Sparrow wallet for your inscriptions, the correct way:

How do I pay?

You can pay with any PSBT-enabled Bitcoin wallet. We recommend Sparrow Wallet, but the auction also supports popular browser wallets Xverse and Hiro.

Before the auction starts, make sure you properly set up a wallet and top it up with enough BTC to fulfill your desired bid plus network fees.

Once your transaction is confirmed on the Bitcoin blockchain, your payment will have been sent to us and the inscription sent to you. This process happens automatically upon transaction confirmation due to the nature of PSBTs.

Unconfirmed bids (purchases that haven't been confirmed on the blockchain) will be displayed as such on the auction page. Buyers can compete for a given cover at the same price point by setting a higher fee rate than the previous bidder, increasing the chances their transaction confirms first. Due to the nature of PSBTs, only one bid can be successful and confirmed. As such, there is no need for refunds to "losing" bidders as no funds will have actually moved.

When will I receive my inscription?

Your cover will automatically be sent as soon as your transaction is confirmed.

If you paid using Sparrow, the cover will be sent to the address you provided when making the payment. If you used Xverse or Hiro, the cover will be sent to your browser wallet.


Supported wallets for the auction.

Which Bitcoin wallets work with this auction format?

Bitcoin Magazine believes Bitcoin should be used trustlessly and without third parties. That's why we always recommend wallets that allow you to custody the private keys for your coins. Check out our general guide on Bitcoin wallets.

For the Historic Covers auction, we're limited to using wallets that are fully compatible with PSBTs.

We recommend Sparrow Wallet for the most secure and bespoke Ordinals wallet experience as it allows specific UTXO control and labeling, which is essential for keeping your Bitcoin Magazine Historic Cover safe and under your full control.

Be certain that you backup your private key (seed phrase) for the wallet from which you collect inscriptions. Treat this wallet like your "art collection wallet" and don't lose it!

Sparrow Wallet (BTC-only)
Hiro Wallet
Bitcoin Magazine is not affiliated with any of the above wallet providers, and does not endorse any asset or protocol other than Bitcoin (BTC).

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If you are the winner of a Bitcoin Magazine Historic Covers auction that settled above 3 BTC, please fill out this form to complete the redemption of your Whale Pass.

Terms & Conditions apply.

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